Services / Prices

Prices Include Mobile Convenience Charge, nails trimmed and/or filed, ears cleaned and/or plucked, double shampoo with super sudser bathing system, conditioning treatment, velocity/fluff drying, undercoat removal, sanitary areas trimmed (face feet and fanny) and clipper/scissor styling as per breed standard or owner preference.  We finish off with bandana or bow and spritz of cologne at your preference!  Please Add 15% HST to all prices.

Please see our chart for grooming prices by breed.  These prices are approximate and reflect an average size dog of it’s breed on a regular grooming schedule (maximum recommended time between grooms indicated in weeks).  Mixed breeds will be charged according to the coat type most represented.  There will be a surcharge of $5-$20 for matted dogs, or dogs that are extremely dirty, extra length, larger than average breed size or not on a maintenance schedule.  Please contact us if you have any questions, or if your breed is not listed.
Fancy Pawz encourages puppies to be groomed on a regular basis once they have had their second (12 week) vaccinations.  Introducing puppies to the ins and outs of grooming, teaching them about tables, dryers, clippers, nail clipping etc. is the best way to ensure your pet will enjoy our visits for their lifetime!  Puppies under 8 months of age may have a reduction of $5-$10 off grooming cost.